Financial Planning

Real life has real needs and real dreams and needs a real plan. Hope is not a plan. We help you explore your current financial situation and clarify your goals. We discuss obstacles, personal and external, and ways to deal with them. We build on positive areas and design a customized plan and strategy to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

Cash Flow Management

Our questions are designed to identify your lifestyle needs as painlessly as possible. Personal cash flow forms the basis of all plans. It is not how much you make but what you do with it that leads to financial freedom. Debt reduction strategies designed to get out of debt as quickly as possible are available.

Retirement Planning 

Looming retirement, voluntary or forced, is often the main reason people talk with a CFP®. We help you analyze your current lifestyle and explore options to support you throughout life. We formulate a workable, fluid plan incorporating as many individual goals as you wish. Our goal is to help you retire comfortably and then stay comfortably retired.

Insurance Planning 

Whether you are providing for your spouse and children, your business or your estate, insurance needs are analyzed. Should you need life, disability or long-term care insurance we work with our network of qualified agents to meet the need. We do not sell insurance.

Estate Planning 

Using your plan as a guide, we work with a team of estate/tax attorneys to design the estate tools you need to accurately, privately and quickly settle your affairs. We are not attorneys.

Tax Planning 

We invest with tax consequences in mind, not as a driver of choice but a critical aspect of efficient investing. Roth conversion analysis is done, including how to pay the taxes. Required minimum distribution calculations are performed for retirees and beneficiaries. We are not accountants but we proactively analyze your situation for safe ways to minimize taxes. Tax planning is done annually.

Social Security/Health Care Planning 

In this time of uncertainty it helps to have a CFP® analyze your unique Social Security and Health Insurance opportunities. Smart choices can make significant improvements on your cash flow. Medicare choices and timing are important factors in your overall health care planning.

Education Planning

Learn about your available options, their pros and cons and how to fund for college.

Asset Allocation 

The most important financial decision you make is how to allocate your resources. We help you find your comfort level with how much cash you hold, how much do you want invested in the stock market, and how much in the bond market. Our goal is a reasonable fluctuation in your portfolio value that you are comfortable experiencing over the short term but still meets your long term goals. You have to sleep at night knowing your portfolio is carefully designed to meet your life goals.